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Personalize Your EV

air purifier.png

Keep the air in your car clean when it gets funky!

wireless charger.png

Keep your phone charged with this wireless mount

Car trash can.png

Keep a can handy for any trash that needs to be thrown away

mache screen protector.png

Protect your Mustang's screen protector from scratches and debris

Mini Vacuum.png

Keep your vehicle clean with this easy-to-use and easy-to-store handheld vacuum

charger protector.png

Add extra protection for your cable with this charger cover

Ioniq Center storage.png

Center console storage fit for the Ioniq 5

Taycan center console.png

Center console storage fit for the Porsche Taycan

dash cam.png

Protect yourself and your passengers by keeping record of incidents

Dog Seat Cover.png

Have any pets? Protect your seats and keep your pets comfortable at the same time

Screenshot 2023-03-31 180705.png

Keep the cup holder compartment clean with these holders

f150 bed cover.png

A soft cover for your F-150 Lightning Truck bed

Tesla Accessories

These accessories are more specific to Tesla vehicles


Perfect for the Tesla owner, allows access to any non-Tesla charger by simply attaching it to the end of the charging cord

NEMA plugs.png

Be prepared to charge at any outlet you come across in different situations

full wheel model s.png

Not a fan of the yoke steering wheel? Get it retrofitted to a regular steering wheel

Tesla Seat Pillow.png

Increase the comfort in your vehicle for long trips and quick accelerations

model 3 screen protector.png

Protect the 15" screen that controls everything in your car!

Roof rack tesla.png

Carry loads on the roof using the roof rack designed by the Tesla team

Model X hitch rack.png

Need to transport bicycles? Use a hitch rack to make the process easier

model 3 cup holder.png

Extra protection for the Model 3/Y cup holders

model S screen protector.png

Protect the 17" screen that controls everything in your car!

Wheel Cover Storage.png

Safely store the Model 3 Wheel Covers when you want to show off the rims underneath

Tesla Jack Pad.png

Protect your battery from damage when lifting your vehicle with a jack

Tesla Air freshener.png

Keep the air in your Tesla fresh. Perfectly fit for the slim air vents

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